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Replacement of Activated Carbon filter : 

You should use 2 carbon filters on the products

In order to put the carbon filter in place, the channels on the motor cover should be brought to alignment with the lugs on the filter and rotate it half turn clockwise. To remove it, you should rotate it anticlockwise by half turn.

Carbon filters need changing every 6 months to maintain their performance

Image for illustration purposes.


 Suitable for the following hoods: 

* H601T-BL-35 60cm Cooker Hood - Touch Control - Black - Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h

* H601P-WH-S35 60cm Cooker Hood - White - Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h

* PH900-PIN 90cm Pyramid Hood - Inox - 500 m³/h

* PH900-PBL 90cm Pyramid Hood Black - 500 m³/h

* DLTCH 60 cm Cooker Hood

* LYTCH 60 cm Cooker Hood

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